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Illium Topian OC human :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 1 1 Illium Topian OC Rebirth :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 2 0 Illium Topian OC Anthro :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 2 0 Illium Topian OC :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 4 8 Happy birthday present Aya~ :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 1 0
BeliveintheAngels Lucifer
Name: Lucifer
Age: Really old
Gender: male
Angel Rank: Forsaken
Wing color: Lucifer's wings start of as a deep red that looks like blood before going to a gold color that eventually ends in white on the tips of his primary feathers. He has 6 wings, 3 on each side of his back.
Eye Color: ice blue
Hair Color: blonde
Other: Lucifer has scars around his eyes, his hair is long and reaches to the middle of his back, usually is up in a ponytail, is surprisingly tan
Personality: Lucifer tends to act harsh and merciless with those he does not know or considers trash. Inside he is actually an all time 'cuddle monster' and can be very caring. He has a very feminine side to him that others don't really see unless they are very close to him. He absolutely adores little children and always wants kids of his own (No he is not a pedophile!). He likes to take care of those that he is close to and at the same time punish them for doing anything stupid. usually he is very laid back and can be found terro
:iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 2 0
Angel Courtyard :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 1 0 Angel Kingdom :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 3 0 Dragon Master meeting hall :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 2 0
BeliveintheAngels Blank oc Sheet
Name: (Please be original and if you want to have a character from the Bible please clear it with the admins.)
Age: (Let's be real here. Some angels have been here forever, some could just have been born.)
Gender: (No they cannot be genderless unless you ask an admin for permission.)
Angel Rank: (Dark angel, light angel, dark warrior, light warrior.)
Wing color: (You can go all out creative on this.)
Eye Color: (Try to keep it real here people.)
Hair Color: (Let's not get to outrageous ok?)
Other: (Anything you want to add that you cannot up above.)
Personality: (Try to do more than a paragraph. Paragraph is also always 5 sentences or more to encourage description.)
Likes: (Put 5 or more.)
Dislikes: (5 or more again.)
Weaknesses/Fears: (Try to put 3 or more here.)
History: (If you have an Angel from the bible you better know this. Cannot just have one you know nothing about.)
Powers: (Again, you can have a little creativity. I will take this privilege away if you go overboard. At m
:iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 2 0
FantasyRp Sesi and Zigsa
Name: Sesi
Species: shape shifter/dark sorcerer
Age: 22
Gender: female
Likes: Zigsa, animals, playing her flute, music, healing
Dislikes: pain, cockroaches, hate, heat, war
Marital status: single
Sexual Orientation: pansexual
Weaknesses/Fears: cockroaches, heat, color blind
Appearance: long straight silvery black hair, amber eyes, pale, ‘I can’t describe her clothes so think light blue and Chinese looking’
Eye color: amber
Hair color: silvery black
Special traits: when she plays the flute it can calm anyone down
Personality: peace keeper, always calm, always mindful of others, tends to be a bit of a loner, secretly has a fiery personality that she keeps hidden, can be a bit mysterious, clashes with some people unintentionally(not really)
Powers: shape shifting, dark sorcerer powers, flute, ice affinity
Weapons: her flute, Zigsa, senbon
Family: Ekko (mother), Shade (father), Senge (brother)
History: Sesi is the twin sister of Senge and the daughter of Ekko. When she an
:iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 0 0
FantasyRp Sesi and Zigsa :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 2 2 Fantasy Rp Pet Dragon :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 9 1 Sunset :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 1 0 Priestess :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 1 0 Love Clouds~ :iconfallen7leader:Fallen7Leader 0 0


Alibaba :iconyuumei:yuumei 11,205 372 Apachegoboom's OC offspring :icondolphin4dreamer:dolphin4dreamer 13 8 Panda Wolf Creature :iconlucky978:Lucky978 939 49 Mirkwood spider (WIP) :iconsneezydragon:sneezydragon 5 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :icondolphin4dreamer:dolphin4dreamer 13 8 Two Years Of Blades :icongagbagchen:GAGBAGCHEN 61 51 My Light :iconyuuikiiro:YuuiKiiro 33 3 Bat Wolf Tattoo :iconlucky978:Lucky978 884 55 Beaversatemygrandma's OC offspring :icondolphin4dreamer:dolphin4dreamer 8 10 Wolf head practice :iconsneezydragon:sneezydragon 10 7 Demon-rawr OC offspring :icondolphin4dreamer:dolphin4dreamer 13 8 Pirate's Kiss (Original) :iconwinechan:WineChan 47 20 Smokey Mountains :iconlucky978:Lucky978 1,070 59 My Chemical Romance Spider :icongagbagchen:GAGBAGCHEN 153 37 Skights: Pirate's Kiss :iconwinechan:WineChan 88 32 Topia :iconbloodyfuzzy:BloodyFuzzy 3 3



Fallen7Leader's Profile Picture
Lukai Ghost Drachen
United States
Wow, I haven't update this in forever. ^^' Technically I've been to busy with school and haven't had time for anything. Blah. Not to mention I've got to apply for colleges now. I'm going for Graphic Design and the Arts. Thankfully, I was accepted into my college.

Anyways, I can't tell you my real name....ever, but you can call me by my fake name. Lukai Ghost Drachen. I'm going to start college next year and yet I am 5'1 1/2 in height. Both my parents are tall, my whole family is....WHY AM I SO SHORT!?!

I like reading, writing, and being with my friends. I have a friend I will forever love. We have not been able to speak for a long time and now we can. Never gonna let her go. Ever.

Hmmm, um, I've survived going through a seizure and having my lungs nearly fail on me. I like to live life to the fullest, cause face it. No one gets out alive anyways. We all eventually have to die.

I dislike bullies, traitors, abusers, and the color pink. Seriously, that color makes my eyes scream...

I have a thing for reading and watching about murders and how to torture/kill people. So if I start writing about death, blood, and darkness please don't worry. It's normal for me. |D

Even though I'm not showing it(really, I'm just editing this like 5 million times), I do swear like a sailor so excuse my language.

And this is all I'm telling you~

Current Residence: leave me alone you goddamn stalkers!
Favourite genre of music: no preference
Favourite photographer: anyone who knows how to take a picture
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: anything as long as i can listen to it
Shell of choice: foxessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wallpaper of choice: purple dragon
Skin of choice: typhlosion
Favourite cartoon character: anakin skywalker, toshiro, rangiku, hidan, gin ichimaru, aizen sousuke, chrono
Personal Quote: When life gives you lemons... throw them in the trash and demand for something less sour.
So guys. For anyone who cares I am basically leaving this account really and making a new one for personal reasons. My new one will be GhostLukai and I'll put up a link for you when I finish making. I thank those who watched me on this account.




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